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        Ta Petro


        Travel Stores

        Revive Your Drive!

        TA and Petro Stopping Centers Travel Stores offer convenient, one-stop shopping with prices as low as, or lower, than our competition.

        We carry a wide selection of name-brand products, and are stocked with Grab ‘N Go foods, groceries and snacks, plus electronics, maintenance supplies, and even clothing and gifts!

        We look forward to seeing you, and providing you with a warm welcome and friendly service.

        Check out our Monthly Travel Store Specials by clicking the link below.

        Monthly Travel Store Specials

        Return Policy & Warranty Registration

        World Blends Coffee

        World Blends Coffee

        Freshest Roast on Road!

        Learn More
        Cool Cup

        Cool Cup Fountain

        The Coolest Cup on the Road!

        Learn More
        Featured Deals

        Promotions & Specials

        This month’s special deals

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        Better-For-You Snacks

        Learn More
        Country Store

        Country Stores

        Unique Gifts and Décor




        Learn More
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