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        Ta Petro
        Franchise Image

        As a TA, Petro, or TA Express franchisee,
        your business will benefit from the brand advantages we provide.


        You'll be joining a travel center network nationally recognized by both independent drivers and fleets of all sizes.

        Our Voted-Best* status as a leading travel center operator with a reputation for unmatched integrity has helped us establish fueling and truck maintenance relationships with thousands of fleets.
        *2018 professional driver survey

        Our dedicated sales staff has negotiated national purchasing relationships with key suppliers to provide cost-of-goods advantages.

        The UltraONE Professional Driver Rewards Program provides marketing benefits by rewarding drivers for their loyalty.

        We deploy leading-edge IT systems, enabling smoother operations, lowered operating costs and improved business data.

        Once on board, you'll be supported by dedicated franchise resources for training, marketing, construction, IT, operations, and more.

        Franchise information
        Want to learn more?
        Contact us to get started today! All fields are required

        Ready to discuss your future with TA, Petro, or TA Express? Contact us today!

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