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        Ta Petro

        National Tire Account

        National Tire Account Technician with Tires

        Get TA Truck Service expertise with your National Tire Account.

        Are you a member of a National Tire Account? TA Truck Service honors all major National Tire Accounts with the exceptional expertise and customer service you expect.

        Stop at any TA Truck Service location to purchase tires on your preferred truck tire supplier’s National Tire Account, and then have them installed quickly and professionally by ASE and TIA certified TA Truck Service technicians. You can also choose to have your National Tire Account purchases installed during a RoadSquad roadside assistance service call.

        TA Truck Service participates in National Tire Accounts with the following suppliers:
        • Goodyear
        • Yokohama
        • Continental
        • Michelin
        • Bridgestone
        • Cooper

        For more information on National Tire Accounts, contact a representative of your preferred tire brand. Not part of a National Tire Account? Purchase your tires through our Commercial Tire Network.

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