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        Ta Petro

        Preventive Maintenance Service

        Service technician checking oil level

        Preventive maintenance service beyond filters and oil.


        TA Truck Service offers the most comprehensive preventive maintenance program on the highway. Our highly skilled technicians, many of which are ASE certified, do much more than change your truck’s oil and filters.  

        With our Ultimate PM and extended preventive maintenance program, our technicians inspect all components on your truck that can suffer from wear and tear. Not only do they notify you of areas of concern, they can repair any issues identified, saving you from costly repairs down the road. We also provide an electronic checklist of all services performed.

        In addition to professional, highly skilled technicians, we proudly feature two of the highest quality products in the industry,
        Mobil Delvac oil and Fleetguard filters.

        We are open 24/7, so we can accommodate any schedule. Our many amenities including showers, restaurants, laundry service and more will help you pass the time during your service. 

        We also offer Chevron Delo and Shell Rotella oil.  


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