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        Ta Petro

        R Place Restaurant & Eatery

        r place breakfast meal with eggs, sausage, hash browns and bacon

        Featured Favorites

        bloody mary, sub sandwich meal and fries click to view r place menu

        Browse "R" Menu

        We make it easy for you to stop for a hot meal on the way to your destination. Stop in and enjoy a vast selection of comfort foods homemade in the USA!

        View Menu
        catered meal click to view r place catering menu

        Catering Needs

        R-Place catering is dedicated to providing superior quality foods, outstanding presentations and quality service by people who care. We will be happy to help with all your catering needs.    

        Catering Menu
        r place bakery products click to go to the bakery menu

        Fresh Bakery

        "R” made from scratch bakery uses the finest ingredients. “R” bakers work around the clock to make sure our customers get the freshest products. 

        View Items
        r place meal click to go to r place facebook page

        Join the conversation on Facebook!

        Stop by our page before, during or after you stop into R Place Restaurant and see what we have going on today!

        Connect Now
        r place 2 lb. premium ethyl burger challenge click to get rules

        Premium Ethyl

        The Premium Ethyl Burger was created in 1987. R-Place wanted to offer the ultimate challenge for burger lovers.  Can you finish 2 LBS of fresh hamburger, a 1 LB hamburger bun and 1 LB of fixins in 1 hour?  
        Tell Me More!
        r place restaurant savings click to go to the restaurant savings signup page

        Restaurant Savings

        Sign-up for free here.  Dine 6 times and spend $10 or more at each visit. Give server your phone number to earn visits. Receive your FREE entree on the 7th visit.

        Start Saving!
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