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        Ta Petro


        Access our Travel Center Market

        Access our Travel Center Market

        TravelCenters of America LLC (TA), is a leading travel center business on interstate highways across the US and Canada operating under the TA® and Petro Stopping Centers® brands.

        TA and Petro Stopping Centers are the preferred* travel center network where professional drivers live and work when on the road. They eat, shower, do laundry, get service, tend to business and simply relax—typically spending six hours per day at one of more than 250 high traffic, full-service locations.

        Through TravelCenter Media, you will find a variety of location-based solutions that will engage your audience and deliver your marketing goals.

        For more information on advertising opportunities, please contact Mark Sell at (262) 544-6600, ext. 225 or visit the TravelCenter Media website.

        *Ranked #1 in 45 categories by professional truck drivers in 2015 survey.

        Attributes of Our Drivers:

        Demographic Information
        GenderMarriedKidsOwn home
        Education and Military Experience
        Military ServiceDiplomaCollege
        Work and Lifestyle
        Travel SpouseTravel PetVacation
        Technology Usage
        ComputerTabletSmart PhoneShop Online

        Ethnicity of Our Drivers:


        Our Drivers:

        • Average 22 nights per month on the road
        • Visit TA-Petro Stopping Centers an average of 2X per day
        • Spend about 6 off-duty hours per day at our sites
        • Eat more than 3.2M meals per month at our full-and quick-service restaurants
        • Make more than 5.5M purchases per month at our Travel Stores
        • Access the Interstate Speedzone Wi-Fi network more than 120,000X each month
        • Schedule more than 570,000 showers per month at our locations
        • Use more than 47,000 parking spaces at least twice daily

        Our Drivers' Interests:

        Outdoor  Indoor  Destinations

        Music  Radio  Hobby



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